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Mahogany in color, long legs, and very viscous. On the nose its sweet walnuts, light varnish, and wild honey. It has a full mouthfeel, walnuts, honey, & licorice, with a long walnut finish.air with game and red meats, or after a meal with rich cheeses. Learn More

Warm mahogany color. Very fragrant with aromas of raisins, figs, roasted nuts, oak and vanilla. Full-bodied with a complex, lingering finish. Learn More

WS 92 W&S 88 WE 90

Richly amber. Brisk, medium dry. Light, pungent bouquet. Nutty on the palate. Serve chilled, on the rocks, or at room temperature. Learn More

Deeply golden. Fully fragrant. Gently sweet with a full-bodied, walnut-accented flavor. Serve at room temperature or on the rocks. Learn More

Dark gold to velvety brown. Scentful bouquet. Luscious, smooth, and richly sweet in flavor. Heavy bodied. Serve at room temperature or over ice. Learn More

Enjoy Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry on any occasion. A complex blend of sone of Jerez's finest wines, Harveys Bristol Cream is richly indulgent with a mellow smoothness. Serve chilled in a wine glass or mix with two parts lemonade over ice with slices of fruit, or over ice with a slice of orange. Learn More

Bristol Cream tastes smoother and more complex than other Sherries due to the high quality and extra age of its components. Bristol Cream can be served chilled or on ice, or enjoyed as a dessert wine. It has a deep golden chestnut and amber color, with clean, fresh and tangy dried fruit aromas, fruity grape flavours and creamy velvet, smooth, mellow, woody nutty and earthy flavors and finish. Learn More

An elegant Cream, resulting from its base of fine old oloroso and just a touch of Napoleon Amontillado, only moderatly sweetened. Learn More

WS 89

Dry, fresh, crisp and delicate. La Gitana is the classic Manzanilla and a popular favorite in Spain. Ideal as an aperitif or with a wide variety of light dishes such as seafood, smoked food, olives and tapas. Learn More

WS 91 W&S 91 WE 89

True Amontillados are naturally-aged versions of the best finos, and are totally dry. Napoleon is a rare example of an authentic amontillado from manzanilla origins in a rich yet long, lean and elegant style. Learn More

Red cherry in color with violet tones. Complex on the nose, this wine displays aromas of red berries, citrus fruit, fig leaves, and aromatic herbs. In the mouth, Barbazul is fresh and flavorsome with well-balanced acidity and impressive structure leading to a persistent finish. Learn More

ST 89 WE 88

Lustau East India is a medium-sweet, rich oloroso. Reminiscent of raisins and creme brulee. Serve slightly chilled with puddings, expecially chocolate dessers or blue cheeses. Learn More

W&S 92

Amontillado is pronounced "Ah-mohn-tee-yah-dough." This extra-fine sherry comes exclusively from select vineyards in the "Zona de Jerez Superior," the world's finest area for the production of sherry. It is medium dry with a delicate color and aroma reminiscent of hazel nuts. It has an especially pleasing taste that pairs beautifully with hors d'oeuvres, soups, salads, or cheese. Learn More

A pale and delicate, light-dry sherry that is light in color. Commonly served cold as an aperitif, many consider this Spanish wine to be the world's finest sherry. Finos are excellent when young. Learn More

Manzanilla is pronounced "Mahn-sah-knee-ya." An extremely dry cocktail sherry, very pale in color, and incredibly light in the body. It comes from the area of the Jerez region near the sea. The ocean air gives it a delicious, crisp aftertaste. Keep in the refrigerator and serve very chilled. Excellent before dinner as an aperitif (As dry as a martini and not as heavy). Learn More

Its color is a brilliant, pale yellow, its bouquet marries the characteristics flowery aromas of flor with nutty and roasted noted of wood-aging. On the palate, the attack is tangy and lemony, then the flavors expand to fill the mouth and lead into a long dry finish with notes of toasted nuts. Learn More

Dark mahogany color. Intense aroma, with some deepness and complexity of dried Pedro Ximenez grapes. Dates, cane honey. Roasted aromas. Reasonable structure in the mouth, thick, warm. Very persistant. Elegant memories of raisins and fig. Learn More

Dark amber color, richly scented with aromas of smoke and toasted nuts and flavors of dried plum, spice, burnt toffee and a hint of raisin fruit. Bright acidity and nice minerality maintains the balance of flavors. Learn More

Bright purple. Blackberry, minerals, dark chocolate, and a hint of licorice on the fragrant nose. Densely packed and lively, offering concentrated, gently sweet flavors of red and dark berries, violet, cracked pepper, and bitter chocolate. Finishes long and aromatic, with a firm tannic spine and strong mineral lift. This wine is made from young tintilla vines planted on the chalky "albariza" soil of the region, which is home to Jerez. Learn More

Full-bodied and lightly sweet, yet crisp, it also pairs well with a variety of foods. Enjoy Dry Sack as an aperitif, as the prelude to a wonderful meal, or with dinner itself. Learn More

20 Item(s)

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