Christian Brothers Amber Brandy

Kentucky | United States
Bottle(x1) Case(x12)
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Brand Christian Brothers
Country United States
State Kentucky
Region N/A
Type Brandy
Varietal Spirit

The rich and distinctive taste of Christian Brothers Brandy is the result of careful aging in small, hand selected oak barrels. The use of premium varietal grapes along with the unique distillation process combining the Pot Still and Continuous Still methods, gives Christian Brothers Brandy its classic aroma and flavor.

Christian Brothers Brandy was originally produced by The Christians Brothers, the largest religious community of men devoted entirely to education worldwide. The Brothers are not priests, but laymen who dedicated themselves to living and working in a teaching congregation. The Brothers founded several schools in the United States, including Saint Mary’s College in Oakland and Manhattan College in New York. To this day, they continue to live their calling through teaching and educational administration.

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