E&J VSOP Brandy

California | United States
Bottle(x1) Case(x12)
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Brand E&J
Country United States
State California
Region N/A
Type Brandy
Varietal Spirit

E&J VSOP premium brandy takes smooth to another level. It’s barrel-aged to perfection, bringing out aromas of sweet and brown spice, and flavors of vanilla cream, maple and sherry. Fans love it because we blend it for peak richness and full flavor and a satisfying smooth finish. And critics respect it too – E&J VSOP premium brandy has won gold medal and earned best of show honors at some of the world's biggest spirits competitions.

Brandy has been around for generations, but the game changed in 1975. That’s when E&J first came on the scene, with our signature smooth flavor that fans can’t get enough of. It’s been more than 40 years since then, and we’re still trying to elevate the craft of brandy every day. E&J XO is a lusciously smooth brandy with a bold, complex finish that’s loved by fans and respected by critics. XO has won gold medal honors and best of show awards at top spirits competitions all over the globe.

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