Scorpion Mezcal Anejo

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What you will experience is a fresh, nimble, nicely balanced spirit with a hint of melon flavor... Read more
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Brand Scorpion
Country Mexico
Region Sur Sureste
Type Mezcal
Varietal Spirit

What you will experience is a fresh, nimble, nicely balanced spirit with a hint of melon flavor

Firm and slightly oily with light lime, cucumber, sea salt, and herbal aromas and flavors; slightly bitter, leafy finish.

Appearance: Dark amber color in the bottle. If it was maple syrup, it would be a medium amber. It is a beautiful thing! On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass which belies its viscosity. Sitting in the glass, it looks like a small puddle of sap or nectar.

First Impression: Very smoky and more understated than the others. Smells like a tin of just opened sobranie tobacco, with strong Phenol and smoke.

Taste: Dry and sweet at the same time somehow, with lime, leather, oil, and smoke, and a suggestion of mint. Resinous on the tongue, and mouth feel. It whispers down the throat, and then leaves a rather delicate burn considering the 80 proof, with a smoky spicy aftertaste like a really good tobacco and spicy notes.

This award-winning Scorpion Mezcal Añejo 1 Year Old is artisan-made in small batches in Oaxaca, Mexico, with a real scorpion in every bottle. This version spends a minimum of 1 year aging in oak barrels of less than 200 liters. Singel barrel bottlings of our aged products ensures premium quality mezcal. The distinctive bottle comes with it's own little Scorpion Mezcal sombrero. Like a fine cognac, the method, age and process determine the smoother, mellower and more valuable they become.

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