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Located in the tiny village of Mizukami on the southern island of Kyushu the family benefits greatly from their proximity to the local Kuma river and the famed aromatic rice varieties, a handful of which the family grows on the estate for the production of this whisky. Aged in used brandy barrels this whisky is nicely concentrated with elegant notes of candied citrus, anjou pears, jasmine flowers, fennel, honey and pantry spices.

The distillery’s distinctive products are result of challenging the norm, by, for example, introducing ultrasonic maturation equipment to create shochu that is kind to the body, using the“gohyakumanishi”( 5 million stones) rice that is used in the manufacture of sake to produce shochu(the rice is grown in Ubuyamamura using an organic farming method that involves the use of koi carp to control weeds in paddy fields) and using mochi rice from Kumamoto Prefecture as a main ingredient. With about 1200 sherry and Brandy casks, Ohishi Distillery puts a lot of effort into maturing Its products over a long period of time. Going forward, the Company will always “maintain the highest standards in Ingredients, yeast and storage while harbouring a spirit Of adventure.”

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Country Japan
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Type Whisk(e)y
Varietal Spirit
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