Marani Telavuri Medium Sweet White 2012

Blend, Georgia
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Telavuri Medium Sweet wine is traditional for the Telavi region of Kakheti. It is made of local grapes, predominantly Rkatsiteli, grown on both banks of the Alazani River. The wine is of a light-straw color. The nice balance of sweetness and acidity keeps it lively and enables a harmonious and pleasant taste. It is great with fruity salads and cakes, as well as strong-flavored, soft cheese. Serve at 47–50 degrees F.

Produced and bottled by Telavi Wine Cellar. In the middle of Alazani Valley, lies Kakheti's largest and most important city, Telavi. Just outside the city is where Telavi Wine Cellar was founded in 1915. For nearly a century, Telavi has blended innovation with a sense of history, keeping faithful to the noble traditions of Kakhetian winemaking, while adapting to modern methods to produce wines that would please the most refined and discerning global palate. The wines of Telavi Wine Cellar embody the personality and diversity of Georgian viticulture and highlight the determination to present the best of the diverse local grape varieties and distinguished terroir. For almost three centuries, wines from Kondoli vineyards have been the benchmark of quality, reflecting the best of the Kakheti region.

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Country Georgia
Region Kakheti
Type White Wine
Varietal Blend, Rkatsiteli, Other Grape
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