Kahlua Gift Set with Coffee Mug

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Country Mexico
Region Other
Type Rum
Varietal Spirit

Kahlua Original is the hero ingredient in many cult cocktails and drinks, to name a few: White Russian, Espresso Martini, Mind Eraser. It will turn the average evening into a fun and different social highlight. Its deep brown color is attractive and deep. Kahlúa Original offers enticing scents of bittersweet coffee bean and roasted chest-nut and multilayered flavors of black coffee and sweet butter.

It can take up to 6 years to get the perfect coffee beans for this coffee liqueur. That's a pretty long time for a drink. Why? The coffee cherries are grown in the shade, which simply takes a lot longer than growing them in the sun. After about 7 years the time has finally arrived: the beans and rum spirits meet in our distillery. The coffee that is perfectly roasted for the occasion, finally meets its spirits friend and they rest together for 4 weeks. After these weeks of catch-up, it's time to bottle and seal the goodness of Kahlua.

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