Belvedere Vodka

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Brand Belvedere
Country Poland
Region Mazowieckie
Type Vodka
Varietal Spirit

Belvedere Vodka is all natural with no additives, and no added sugar. It is deliciously smooth with a slight vanilla nose and a creamy sensation on the palate, with a velvety finish.

The Producer - The Belvedere brand is the product of six centuries of Polish distilling traditions. Produced in one of the world’s longest running Polish distilleries located in the heart of the country,  Polmos Zyrardów. Polmos Zyrardów distillery has been making vodka since 1910 with one of the world’s strictest production regulations. Each step of the production of Belvedere must occur on Polish soil with locally-sourced raw ingredients in accordance with Polish geographical indication requirements. Being the world's first super premium vodka, Belvedere represents the greatest of Polish distilling tradition.

Tasting Notes - Belvedere is four-times distilled, exclusively from the finest Dankowskie Gold Rye creating the perfect balance of character and purity, Belvedere is the definition of luxury, additive-free and diluted with water from their own artesian well. This spirit is unbelievably smooth with a velvety texture, the taste is full and well rounded with a medium body. There are subtle notes of vanilla that are somewhere in between sweet and savory, with hints of white pepper and spice. Can be enjoyed chilled neat, neat, or in simple cocktails. Full and round with a medium body and naturally smooth, rich, and velvety texture.

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