Tanqueray London Dry Gin

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Brand Tanqueray
Country Scotland
Region N/A
Type Gin
Varietal Spirit

Tanqueray is a dry, fresh gin with a rich juniper season that makes the most refreshing tasting gin and tonics and the driest of martini mixed drinks. Said to have been Frank Sinatra's favored gin, London Dry's edge and refinement have long made it a most loved with the stars in style, film, and music. Tanqueray's unique and iconic bottle is the latest update since the original 1984 design. The acclaimed Tanqueray family crest embellished on the glass of each container includes a pineapple, a historic symbol of accommodation and hospitality.

The embodiment of the Tanqueray brand was set down more than 180 years prior when Charles Tanqueray, a decedent from three ages of priests, decided not to pursue the family calling and rather opened a refinery in Bloomsbury, London in 1838. Charles was not afraid to mix up his own unique style to make a new gin that is loved to this day. He spent many years testing the finest botanicals from around the world to create a perfect balance in what is now one of the best gins in the world. The four distinct botanicals used are juniper, coriander, angelica and licorice When Charles died in 1868, his son Charles Waugh Tanqueray inherited the distillery, which continued to operate until it was severely damaged during World War II. The only facility to survive the Axis bombing, now known as "Old Tom," has since been moved to Cameron Bridge, Scotland, continuing Charles Tanqueray's legacy of excellence.

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