Seagram's Extra Dry Gin

Indiana, United States
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Clear. Moderately light bodied. Fat, lush, sweet citrus-peel aromas are a standout and a signature of this gin. Shows a softly textured mouthfeel and flavors that follow from the nose.

Distilled since 1857, Seagram's artfully blends the world's finest botanicals with a pristine neutral spirit in a low-temperature distillation process, preserving the true essence of the botanical flavors. Aging in white-oak casks gives the spirit its mature flavor and light amber color. Its distinctive flavor lies in a proprietary botanical recipe that includes juniper berries from Italy, cardamom from Sri Lanka, cassia bark from Vietnam, orange peel from Spain, coriander from the Czech Republic, and angelica root from Germany. Seagram's Gin is vacuum distilled, the first time to create a pristine neutral spirit from select grains, the second time to marry the spirit with the perfectly balanced flavor of the botanicals. Its distinctive chiseled bottle also sets Seagram's Gin apart, establishing a unique identity as "The Smooth Gin in the Bumpy Bottle." And, the Seagram's family crest is still on the front of the bottle as it has been since 1857.

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Country United States
Region N/A
Type Gin
Varietal Spirit
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