Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Whisky 90*

Kentucky | United States
Bottle(x1) Case(x12)
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Brand Maker's Mark
Country United States
State Kentucky
Region N/A
Type Bourbon
Varietal Spirit

A subtle level of sweetness that reflects the marriage of grain and oak. Distinctive and complex, yet possess the balance found in a well crafted malt or cognac. Refreshing and pleasant. And the enjoyment is always an experience of the total. The four W’s (water, wheat, wood and wax) are the time-honored, fundamental elements when it comes to crafting Maker’s Mark®. Every barrel of Maker’s Mark® is aged to taste, not time. Using red winter wheat rather than rye as the flavoring grain allows for Maker’s Mark® to sit on the forward palate of the tongue. A noticeable and pleasant difference.

Rich and fruity in style with aromas of plums and honey, then malty, nutty, toffee and caramel, finishing with smooth creamy vanilla. A super-refined, double-distilled, rye-free bourbon at 95 proof. Each bottle is wax-sealed by hand.

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