Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

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Brand Beluga Noble
Country Russia
Region N/A
Type Vodka
Varietal Spirit

A masterpiece in every way... Beluga's composition is unique: not only is their malt alcohol of the most exquisite quality, and pearly artesian water, but also the diligent handiwork of past masters with their care for every detail. Not just a vodka, but an attitude towards life - one in which everything matters, everything has its place, and every deed has its special meaning.

Beluga vodka is manufactured in an environmentally pure and untouched corner of Siberia, 300 km from the nearest settlement. Beluga undergoes the processes of filtration quartz sand post-filtration and maturating for a 3-month period. "Calmed" and "rested" at every stage, Beluga is saturated with irreproachable taste.

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