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This amazing wine derives its exceptional taste from selected Muscat and Pinot Franc grapes grown in the finest wine grape growing regions of central Moldova. A pleasant nose reminiscent of Muscat flavors, extraordinary perfume, and an incredibly rich aroma of blossoming almonds. It is wonderfully fruity and alive on the finish. Learn More

Isabella is a red, semisweet wine that is made from choice grapes of the Isabella variety grown in the central region of Moldova, in the Onesti zone. From light red to deep red in color. Strawberry notes that stand out clearly in the aroma and is balanced out in the flavor of the harmonious taste. Learn More

Made of choice grapes of the Lidia variety, grown in the central Moldova, in the Onesti region. Varies from light red to deep red in color. The taste is balanced with pleasant strawberry flavored notes. Learn More

A dry wine packed with flowery and fruity layers complemented by a buttery, toasty oak complexity. Oak aged for six months. Learn More

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