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Scent of chili peppers delights the nose while garden herb flavors flatters the palate with a savory finish. Learn More

Pale yellow color, it is purely aromatic and lively! Lovely aromas of fresh apples and citrus, this wine surprises on the palate with great spice components as well as exotic fruit and a refreshing acidity. To be enjoyed either on its own, as an apertif or with light dishes. Learn More

The plums are picked at dawn and processed the same day to keep their dewy freshness and flavor which distinguishes Fu-Ki from all other wines. It’s delicate, light and subtle and delicious. Learn More

Kindzmarauli Young is a red, naturally semisweet wine, 100% Saperavi varietal, from the Kindzmarauli microzone of the Kvareli area, in the Kahkheti region, Republic of Georgia. A distinguishable varietal aroma, harmonious, and velvety flavor. Learn More

Medium-bodied red with lots of spice and dark berry flavors typical of the variety. Pairs well with braised or broiled beef or lamb, pasta and pizza. Learn More

An elegant classic Veltliner: peppery and spicy with lively fruit flavors. Pairs well with sweet water fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes. Learn More

A beautiful sappy cherry aroma, the palate is succulent and more dense (and tannic) than usual with lots of mint and blackberries. Learn More

Using selected Japanese Plum, "Ume", Hakutsuru Plum Wine has been brewed with highly developed fermentation skills and technique. It is characterized by its refreshing semi-sweet, sour taste and well-matured aroma from plum fruit. Learn More

This Icewine is billowing with ripe peaches and apricots on the nose combined with the delicious overtones of marmalade and candied brown sugar. Perfect on its own as a dessert, or an excellent match to fresh fruit, rich paté or fine blue veined and cream based cheeses. Learn More

The 2013 Reserve Vidal Icewine is bursting with juicy tropical fruits. It is delightful when served with unique dishes such as spicy Thai spring rolls, Vidal-glazed pork tenderloin, & chilled strawberry soup; a taste sensation with a variety of cheeses, such as blue-veined (Roquefort), triple cream, goat’s cheese, and aged Parmesan. Learn More

Medium yellow-green. Green apple fruit underlaid with fine citrus notes, a touch of vineyard peach. Freshly structured, animating acid, fine terrace wine. Learn More

Specially selected group of Cabernet Sauvignon, derived from the best plantations Moldovan region Vulcanesti. They give dessert wine delightful and endearing sweet notes chocolate and wild cherry. Ideal for cakes, desserts and fruits. Learn More

Desert wine of dark red color. Kagor is a fine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Intense and complex wine with overtones of black currants and hint of chocolate. This delicious dessert wine is appreciated as an after dinner must. Learn More

Controlled appellation of origin a naturally semi-sweet red wine, made according to the modern technology and ancient Georgian traditions of the Saperavi grape variety, cultivated in Akhasheni micro region of the Gurjaani district of Kakheti. The wine of a dark pomegranate color has a harmonious velvety taste with a chocolate flavor. Learn More

This wine is of a dark- ruby color has a strong characteristic bouquet and aroma and a harmonious velvety taste with a raspberry flavor,with distinct notes of berries and cherry. Goes well with cherry pie, walnut and honey sweets, fruit assortment and baklava. Learn More

The wine is light ruby color has a strong characteristic bouquet and aroma and a gentle harmonious, velvety taste. In it dominates flavor of plum and sweet grape juice. It tastes sweet and well-balanced. Goes well with chocolate, ripe strawberry, cakes and red fruits. Learn More

Wines color ranges from pale-straw to straw-green. It is characterized by a strong fruity aroma, which invokes freshly sliced pears and apples. The taste is subtle and harmonious. Great with salads and cold meat dishes. Learn More

Natural dry red wine, controlled appellation of origin produced in the Kakheti region, from the highest quality Saperavi grapes that are harvested in the zone of Mukuzani. This wine pleasant transparency, strong defined Saperavi's aromas, cherry and vanilla tones, and strong body. Learn More

Cranberry red wine is made from Alexandrou and Muduretul variety grapes grown in the Ambrolarus region. The wine has a dark ruby red color, an expressive bouquet with cherry and strawberry flavors, velvety taste. Learn More

Bright, intense fuchsia color. Intense aromas of red fruits, damson plum, sour cherry, and violets. Intense and persistent fruit flavors on the palate, full-bodied and well-balanced with soft tannins. Perfectly matches with red meat dishes, pizza a la Turca, cold meat dishes, deli meat, lasagna with Bolognese sauce, and pastas. Learn More

This unique wine, produced from some of the oldest varieties of grapes in the world, has been widely appreciated since ancient times. Commandaria was named by the Knights of St. John, who made the wine famous throughout the kingdoms of Europe. Keo's Commandaria St. John wine offers a luscious, sweet taste, a powerful bouquet of dried fruit, spices, and oak wood. Learn More

Kikkoman 100% Plum Wine has pure quality and fruity aroma with provocative taste. The aromatic bouquet and velvet finish lingers elegantly without a flaw. The right complement for any occasion. 12.5% alcohol. Learn More

Kinsen Plum is sweet with intense summer fruit flavor and traditional plum. Serve it straight or on the rocks, or even as cocktails by mixing with soda, lemon and fruit juice over ice. Learn More

Classic red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It has a mellow taste with a perfectly balanced sweet ripe tannins and spicy spicy notes. Its charming fragrance is enriched with multifaceted aroma of red berries. Learn More

Opaque dark ruby black color. Bright, fruity, sweet aromas of brandy marinated prunes, dried straw, dark chocolate - pine tree bark, and hard purple Christmas candy with a chewy, crisp, sweet full body and an interesting, fast finish with barky, grippy, hard tannins. Learn More

Items 76 to 100 of 202 total

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