Volteo Garnacha 2008

Grenache (Cannonau, Garnacha, Tintilla) | Spain
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Country Spain
Region Castilla-La Mancha
Type Rose Wine
Varietal Grenache (Cannonau, Garnacha, Tintilla)

Attractive and bright pink color with reddish hues. This well-structured wine boasts about lavish cherries, ripe raspberries, and strawberries on the nose and in the mouth, with a stylish and crisp finish. Ideal match with tempura-fried vegetables and spicy chicken.

100% Garnacha. Bottled by Bodegas Rozam, which is owned by Bodegas Ramon Bilbao. Bodegas Ramon Bilbao was founded in 1924 by Ramon Bilbao Murga, an experienced wine trader who had been selling wine since 1896 from his premises at Calle Las Cuevas in Haro. Ramon Bilbao was a forward-looking grape grower; a pioneer in the art of aging. The winery was handed down from one generation to the next until the year 1966, when Ramon Bilbao Pozo, the last of the descendants, died. In 1972, the business was converted into a corporation with new shareholders. New facilities were also built in Haro. The new company wished to continue the work of its founder, Ramon Bilbao, and concentrated on making aged wines. Finally in 1999 the Diego Zamora family, one of the largest beverage groups in Spain and owner of the well-known brand Licor 43, acquired the winery and began a new venture, renovating and adapting existing facilities. Since then the development of top-quality wines, together with innovation while respecting the purest Riojan tradition represented by the history of the wines of Ramon Bilbao, are the trademark of this emblematic company in Rioja Alta. The philosophy that inspires the work carried out at the winery is the same philosophy that has prevailed, generation after generation, turning the men and women who work at their bodega into true experts in the art of aging wines: grapes from the best estates and vineyards, casks made of the best oak from European and American forests, and all of this enhanced by the care and know-how of people who love wine above all else. The Smart Label"—a blue frame around the main figure on the front label becomes visible when the wine is chilled to the right temperature (62–64 degrees F). It is important to serve wine properly, and the use of thermo-sensitive ink allows Bodegas Rozam to help you to drink Volteo at its best.

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