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A perfectly soft and pure vodka that was prepared using the latest technology. Its complex, multilevel purification process includes unique methods of platinum and ice filtration, which was first used in modern vodka production. Platinum-filtration technology provides direct contact of the vodka with the precious metal, which allows platinum ions to catalyze the formation of the vodka's noble flavor and aroma. Passed through platinum, Veda Black Ice has crystal shine and harmonious flavor.

Launced in 2004, Veda is a modern, high-class vodka produced by a combination of traditional technologies and the unique double-ice-filtration method. First, ice filtration is applied for purification of the alcohol, which is carried out for 26 hours. Then the ice filtration method is used again just for preparing the vodka—this is what distinguishes Veda from all other brands with its ideal softness and crystal clarity with brilliant highlights. Manufacturing premium-quality vodka is a long and painstaking process—it takes three days to make Veda. All production of Veda is done in the Mariinsky Liqueur-Vodka distillery plant in Siberia, owned by the Synergy Group.

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Country Russia
Region N/A
Type Vodka
Varietal Spirit
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