Adirondack Distilling 601 Bourbon

New York, United States
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This unusually smooth Bourbon is born from 100% local corn. A hint of natural sweetness on the nose, it develops a depth on the palette with hints of vanilla, raisin with a spicy peppery finish. You know it’s whiskey but without the burn. Try it straight up or with a drop of water to "open up" the fragrances.

Their customers have been begging them for a bourbon, and they listened. But they couldn't just rush out and make any bourbon. Like their internationally award winning Vodka, they took the time to formulate the absolute best tasting product they could. Aged in new charred white oak barrels, this is a bourbon worth taking the time to savor and enjoy.

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Country United States
Region N/A
Type Bourbon
Varietal Spirit
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