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It has been discovered that water filtered through diamond dust have a positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit. So IceKube Vodka, the finest, filtered vodka in the world, uses diamond-dust filters to enhance its smoothness and remove all impurities. Each glass bottle is hand crafted and uniquely sculptured, giving the look of chiseled ice. See and then taste a work of art. "Chill with IceKube Vodka." Learn More

With its irrefutable authenticity, absolute clarity and smooth-tasting quality, it is an outstanding example of what Russia has done best for centuries: produce the finest vodkas in the world. Learn More

Taking in Ketel One Citroen through the nose, you'll notice a refreshingly sweet lemon-zest fragrance. Taste the hints of freshly cut lemon and delicate honey sweetness. The feel is pleasant and smooth on the palate. A sweet honey and lemony custard aftertaste lingers gently. Learn More

Ketel One Oranje begins with the careful selection of the choicest Valencia oranges and their subsequent refinement and blending at a flavor house in Grasse, France. Once delivered to the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Holland, the orange essence is blended with Ketel One Vodka and allowed to marry for 24 hours. The final result is a super-premium vodka defined by a fresh, bright orange zest with hints of warm spice. Let the zesty orange freshness fill your nose. Take a moment to savor it. Notice the bright orange crispness and juicy orange notes. Feel the generous, distinctive texture. You'll recognize a lively, warm hint of spice lingering on the palate. Enjoy. Learn More

Ketel One Vodka will return aroma hints of citrus and honey. After a sip, you'll taste a crisp, unmistakable coolness. Generously and smoothly coats the tongue. The finish leaves a lively tingle, reminding you of its quality. Learn More

Nosing the aroma of Ketel One, you’ll immediately detect freshness with hints of citrus and honey. Savor the crisp, lively tingle. Let the signature silky softness coat your tongue. A long finish with subtle flavors reminds you of its quality. This gift set comes with 2 glasses. Learn More

A real masterpiece created for connoisseurs. Premium organic vodka Khortitsa De Luxe is the ultimate product of high-end vodka manufacturing. Its elite exclusive recipe is based on grain ethanol "Lux" and the purest water. The perfect combination of natural ingredients of the highest quality results in exquisite flavour and soft aftertaste, brining pleasure with every sip of this vodka. Learn More

Vodka with a refined recipe and interesting characteristics of the bottle that changes its colour when chilled. Thanks to aromatic mint, lime and menthol varieties of ethanol, Ice vodka has extremely subtle floral flavour and the feeling of coolness. Learn More

Ukraine's first vodka with natural whole pepper inside! The formulation ensures a maximum delivery of red-pepper piquancy while retaining its natural and rich flavor. Many people value this vodka for its warming and health-giving qualities. Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot combines green-mint coolness, red-hot pepper, and the mild, smooth flavor of lime honey. Learn More

Khortytsa—that is best in the world of vodka. This vodka embodies a philosophy of total quality. Khortytsa contains high-quality raw materials, the latest technology, and a unique bottle design that is admired in the world centers of industrial design and by the best experts in the industry. Khortytsa is the ideal content, clothed in the perfect shape. Try it, you'll love it! Learn More

Clear color. Faint, boozy, hot sweet toasty aromas of almond and rice milk on cereal, dried cherry, gum, and straw with a supple, bright, fruity light body and a warming, relaxed gelatin candy, powdered milk, and pepper finish. A nice vodka with a fruity hint. Learn More

The L'Excellence Vodka is produced from the subtlest French wheat grains of Champagne-Ardenne, at the center regions where they are grown and harvested. The unique distillation process is gradually blended at low temperatures so as to bring the L'Excellence Vodka an incredible smoothness and finesse. Learn More

Creating our vodka is an extremely delicate and centuries-honed process, one that undergoes constant testing to ensure no impurities are left behind that would otherwise blemish the subtle, clear, smooth, and opulent. We set the highest standards of quality for our vodka. Through our ingredients and detailed distillation process, our brand was designed to bring you unique, luxury vodka. Learn More

Lion Head Vodka Learn More

Lithuanian Vodka Black Currant is made from natural juice using an old recipe. Every bottle contains genuine blackcurrants, which give the vodka a unique, refreshing taste, special aroma, and color. Learn More

Lithuanian Vodka Cherry is made from natural juice using an old recipe. Every bottle contains genuine cherries, which give the vodka a unique, refreshing taste, special aroma, and color. Learn More

Lithuanian Vodka Cranberry is made from natural juice using an old recipe. Every bottle contains genuine cranberries, which give the vodka a unique, refreshing taste, special aroma, and color. Learn More

In the heart of France, Vodka Mariette is distilled 5x with French GMO-free whole wheat and water from the Ambes Spring in Bordeaux. It is these pure ingredients and mindful production that provide a vodka of the highest quality. This treasure begins with a neutral, soft nose and finished with a sweet, lasting taste. Learn More

A liqueur that combines Mernaya Vodka with the mellow flavors of brandy and natural juices of red and black rowanberries, to create a sweet, aromatic, and enjoyable liqueur. Learn More

Stepping out with that special olive for a night of magic and adventure demands the most refined appearance and taste. Whatever the backdrop, from the Dutch countryside to big city nightlife, nothing says "cool" like the pure, smooth flavor of Michael Godard Vodka. Learn More

The master of Russian vodka. Nothing can compete with the Luxury of gold! Learn More

Moskovskaya is then triple-distilled to deliver a pure, strong spirit. The optimum balance of artesian well water is ensured before the liquid undergoes a textbook three-stage filtration process using fine quartz sand, activated charcoal, and fine quartz sand again—this is the traditional method designed by Dmitry Mendeleev, the Russian chemist famous for his invention of the Periodic Table of Elements, to deliver an authentic vodka of great purity and style. Learn More

A method of selecting the best spirits was developed exclusively for Lex. These spirits are then aged in special reservoirs for over half a year, resulting in extremely refined and mild flavor. This composition is completed by the almost imperceptible aroma of lime blossom. Learn More

If you try Nemiroff Original you would discover its rich inner world, feel the clear and self-confident taste of this drink, and appreciate the completeness and boldness of its composition based on caraway and honey. The prolonged aftertaste of Nemiroff Original emphasizes the noble nature of this drink. Learn More

This is an active, strong, and at the same time a mild vodka with a slight mint flavor and prolonged aftertaste. It enhances feelings of joy and is certain to be an appropriate drink after a hard, exhausting workday. Learn More

Items 76 to 100 of 248 total

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