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High in the mountains of Jalisco this tequila is aged to perfection in oak barrels. A combination of fresh clean taste from the silver with a hint of oak from the anejo. Patron has captured a taste unlike any other. Learn More

Patron Silver in a beautifully adorned bottle, perfect for the spirits collector or casual sipper. Crystal clear with fruits and citrus aromas. Smooth and sweet flavors with a light pepper finish. Learn More

Crystal clear, pure ultra premium. Light, fresh tequila is a favorite of connoisseurs worldwide. Smooth, soft, light tequila. The perfect ingredient in special margaritas or mixed cocktails, neat or on the rocks. Learn More

Dark, rich brown in color. Fresh coffee, chocolate and vanilla aromas. Fresh roasted coffee with notes of chocolate and light tequila flavors. Smooth, yet dry finish. Learn More

The aroma is full of delicate floral tones, with sweet citrus and a hint of caramel. Prior to its bottling, this distillate rests for up to three months in special containers to ensure a perfect blend of all its elements. Ideal for sipping alone or mixed in a variety of tequila cocktails. Learn More

The Agave notes are neatly complemented with aromas obtained from its 18 months aging process in white oak barrels: caramel, butterscotch, honey, tobacco and even leather. No predominance of any note, this is a very rich and complex tequila with a smooth and luscious finish. Learn More

The Plata (Blanco) is aged for 15 days in American Oak barrels. The Plata is the choice of Tequila purists who seek the unmasked Agave character and the influences of the land of origin. The long maturing agave achieves the highest quality fructose and reveals the unique aromas and flavors indigenous to the Jalisco highlands. Learn More

Aged for nine months in French and American oak barrels, the Riazul Reposado honors the refinement of a traditional Reposado, while delivering an independent streak in its subtle complexity. Opening with unique welcoming aromas, the Riazul Reposado is anchored by a slight oak base that blossoms to reveal hints of citrus fruit notes that linger on the palate. Learn More

The aroma is fresh, sweet, fruity, woody, spicy with a light note of mushroom, cooked agave, and raisins. The palate is sweet, woody, and fruity with dry fruits, nut, light citrus touch, light ginger and black pepper with light caramel and vanilla. The finish is velvety smooth. Learn More

After distillation, Roca Patron Reposado is aged for five months in American oak bourbon barrels and specifically finished at 84 proof to create a Tequila with an oaky, sweet agave flavor. Enjoy Roca Patron intricate taste on the rocks, neat or in your favorite cocktails. Learn More

Roca Patron Silver is twice distilled and specifically finished at 90 proof to create a crisp, robust tequila with notes of sweet agave. Enjoy Roca Patron intricate taste on the rocks, neat or in your favorite cocktails. Learn More

What you will experience is a fresh, nimble, nicely balanced spirit with a hint of melon flavor Learn More

Dry and sweet at the same time somehow, lime, citrus, leather and dry smoke, almost a tannic. Light and spritely on the tongue mouth feel, whispers down the throat and then leaves a rather delicate warming considering the 80 proof with a smoky spicy aftertaste. Like a mesquite campfire, this is amazingly complex. Learn More

Ultra premium 100% Blue Weber Agave Blanco Tequila infused with locally sourced, fresh jalapenos. Tanteo Jalapeno is a delicious tequila with the perfect amount of heat. Designed for making Jalapeno Margaritas and great whenever you want to spice up your cocktail. Learn More

This limited-edition tequila is best appreciated when served in a snifter. Adding even more to its exclusivity, Tequila Don Julio 1942 undergoes a second distillation in a special still known as Pot Still 6, which refines the flavors even further. Learn More

Prized for its enticing layers of flavors and softness, Tequila Don Julio Anejo is best appreciated when enjoyed neat, over ice or as a mixed cocktail Learn More

With a fresh agave expression and citrus notes, this tequila is called upon often when concocting innovative cocktails and the ultimate margarita, but is also perfect on its own or on the rocks Learn More

For the ultimate tequila experience, sip it neat in a specialized tequila glass. Don Julio Real is produced from a highly selective batch of only the best estate-grown agave and its second distillation is in a special still known as Pot Still 6, which refines the flavors even further. Learn More

Best enjoyed on its own, or with a refreshing grapefruit soda, or sipped along with fresh Sangrita Learn More

100% de Agave. Estate Grown. Unaged. Vibrant and sweet agave aromas dominate with supporting notes of citrus, pear, and hints of wild mint. A pleasing taste and silky texture make it ideal for sipping or mixing. Learn More

Items 51 to 70 of 70 total

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