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The perfect marriage of fresh, premium Irish dairy cream, the finest spirits, aged Irish whiskey and a unique chocolate blend. This gift set comes with 2 glasses. Learn More

The newest edition to the Bailey's Collection. A versatile blend of Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon resulting in a unique experience that is perfect for a cocktail or shots, like The Royal Brunch. Learn More

It is an excellent brand of vodka that is semi- sweet with a spicy- herbal taste. It is produced from the best quality spirits, 13 kinds of herbal infusions, dry roots, fruits and flowers. Learn More

No extracts, no chemicals, just lots and lots of fresh Ginger. So, are you interested in experiencing the pure, big, bold, powerful flavor of fresh Ginger in your glass or are you more interested in a good read? If you want a good read we suggest you visit your local library but if you'd rather have a great drink give us a taste. Its all about the taste, INTENSE Ginger, pure and simple. Learn More

This cheery buttercup- yellow spirit evolves from sweet to bitter in seconds flat. At first, it has a sweet, honey-like cast, then ginger and other herbal notes develop and, finally, it finishes dry, with an amaro-like bitter note. Learn More

Smooth and so easy to drink. Berentzen is a mix of German wheat spirit and peaches and the result is simply wonderful. Serve well chilled. Learn More

A light fruit liqueur made with sun-ripened green pears specially selected to provide the crisp, fresh pear taste. Tasting NotesSmooth, sweet and light. Fresh pear flavor glides along and stimulates the palate with a clean finish Like taking a bite out of a large green pear, without the drip down your chin. Learn More

A light fruit liqueur made with sun-ripened cherries specially selected to provide the sweet, fresh wild cherry taste. Light mouthfeel with sweet natural cherry flavor and a tart finish. A celebration of the cherry. A real jubilee. Learn More

Sweet liqueur, prepared of fresh cherry and apple juice infusion. it has rich harmonious taste and aroma with notes of vanilla. Based on cognac. Goes great with desserts and fresh fruits. Learn More

The producer jokingly calls it “Bone White Boissiere,” but it's indeed bracingly dry, with mouthwatering acidity. The aroma has a faint earthiness but no sweetness to it, while the palate adds mild pear and elderflower, finishing with just a squeak of citrus. Learn More

With its exceptional character and sophisticated palate, Boissiere Vermouth can be enjoyed as an aperitif, neat, over ice with a twist of lemon or as a sophisticated long drink mixed with soda water, tonic or lemonade. Learn More

Cloosterbitter is based on a 15th century recipe of the Monastry Clearkamp where the Monks embraced the medicinal properties of this bitter. Surprising green fresh herbal bitter with notes of mint, clover leaf and anise. Cloosterbitter tastes delicious chilled on the rocks, in a mixed drink or in cocktails. Learn More

Back in the late 1800s, when Boone County was booming with distillers, blacksmiths, lumbermen and farmers, it took teamwork to meet the needs of the growing community. Men, women and children worked together to accomplish a long day’s work, with immense satisfaction found in the accomplishments. That’s how communities are built. Learn More

Strong almond flavor, with light spice notes. Serve chilled or just pour over ice. It can also be mixed to create a variety of cocktails, such as an amaretto sour. Learn More

A great simple, sweet anise-flavored liqueur. Learn More

Blending is the most common and most economic production method; flavoring, coloring, sugar plus any additional ingredients, such as preservatives and stabilizers, are blended with a neutral spirit to achieve a basic fruit-flavored liqueur. Learn More

Made with select curacao orange peels and the blending of fresh tropical violets. Perfect for making a genuine Blue Margarita. Learn More

Tastes like dark-roasted coffee. A coffee liqueur, great for those chilly winter evenings! Learn More

Sweet, mint-flavored alcoholic beverage. Its flavor primarily derives from Corsican mint or dried peppermint. Learn More

Sweet, mint-flavored alcoholic beverage. Its flavor primarily derives from Corsican mint or dried peppermint. Learn More

This mixture is then bottled with added sugar and (usually) glycerine, producing a smooth, syrup-like drink. Learn More

Grenadine is a commonly used bar syrup, characterized by a flavor that is both tart and sweet, and a deep red color. It is popular as an ingredient in cocktails, both for its flavor and to give a reddish/pink tint to mixed drinks. Learn More

A hazelnut flavored liqueur, similar in flavor to the Frangelico brand. Learn More

Sweet, fresh, ripe peach flavors. Peach schnapps is often paired with orange juice and vodka for fuzzy navels. Learn More

Sloe gin is a red liqueur flavoured with sloe (blackthorn) drupes, which are a small fruit relative of the plum. Learn More

Items 26 to 50 of 229 total

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