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A very nice, soft plum brandy made from late ripening “house plums” and matured in barrel for seven years. Learn More

This Williams distillate is bluntly different from the very common Williams schnapps which are marked by a luxuriant and sweet bouquet: Not the superficial flavour force is important for Gölles Wiliams but the keeping and optimal presentation of the complexity and elegance typical of this noble pear. Learn More

Brilliant topaz tones with amber hues in color. Pleasant orange notes with hints of candied peel, light aroma of vanilla fragrance from the cognac. Fragrant orange flavors enhanced by the cognac with nuances of orange essence and hazelnuts. Lingering and harmonious finish. Learn More

Gremil is a vintage brandy manufactured since 1961. it is blended from 10 year old alcohols produced in Eastern Georgia. The brandy has amber color, fragrance and harmonious taste. Learn More

Hardy VS will charm you with its elegant, pale appearance with golden highlights and spring, floral aromas. This harmonious alliance of the four best crus of Cognac reveals floral notes and offers a fine balance between freshness and smoothness. Learn More

Hardy VSOP will seduce and charm the most discerning connoisseurs: On the eye, it has a shimmering, golden brown color and warm, deep reflections. On the nose, aromas of fresh pear give way to warmer notes of walnuts and spicy scents like cinnamon. The flavors on the palate are just perfectly balanced. Learn More

Cognac amber color with golden hues. Cognac has a strong aroma with hints of cinnamon and dried plums. Cognac is a comprehensive, balanced flavor with hints of red fruits, spices and a slight shade of a long, smooth finish with hints of coffee, vanilla and spices. Learn More

Lighter and fresher with scents of jasmine, daffodils and orange flowers that are delicately mixed with hints of citrus, honey, and fresh grapes to create a distinctively smooth cognac with surprising finesse balance, floral notes. Learn More

Paradis Extra is the fruit of a series of marriages between hundreds of different eaux-de-vie, nurtured to maturity by successive generations of the same family of cellar masters. A veritable fireworks display of spices and peppery notes, softened by the fragrant scent of flowers. Finesse and elegance are the major characteristics. Perfectly harmonious in the mouth, Paradis Extra reveals itself to be smooth, full-bodied and long-lasting on the palate. Its force and finesse, plus the delicate flavor of rancio, give it a perfect balance. Learn More

Hennessey Cognac VSOP is a delicate blend of spices and woodnotes punctuated with the aroma of cloves and cinnamon, honey and suggestions of licorice. Smooth and supple on the palate, delicious for sipping after dinner. Learn More

Smooth amber liquid glows incandescent. It begins rich and boozy. The scent of dried cake fruits announce themselves. On the palate, floral at first, full and round body. Flavors of soft vanilla and spice join in perfect harmony. Medium finish. Learn More

The Hennessy VS is the color of fall leaves and shows distinctively floral with subtle aromas of hazlenuts and oak. On the palate red fruits combine with a touch of vanilla sweetness that lingers on the palate. Learn More

Delightful, perfumed notes. Notes of jasmine, acacia, vanilla, oak, and fruit. Delicate, well balanced, mellow, and smooth on the palate. Learn More

Made from a variety of fresh, ripe apricots boasting a fruity nose and an even fruitier palate. The body is crisp and smooth, perfectly complimenting any fruit inspired cocktail. Learn More

Ripe blackberries are blended with fine brandy, creating a warm, fruity nose that leads to a full body of deep berry flavors. Rich and smooth palate is perfect for any fruit inspired cocktail. Learn More

Only the types of brandy made from grapes grown in a specific area around the town of Cognac (near the Atlantic seaboard just north of Bordeaux) can label themselves Cognac. Historically, the wine made from grapes grown in this region was inferior and most of it was distilled to produce an alcohol used to fortify other liquors. Learn More

A Cognac both elegant and complex, which combines a strong identity with a unique style. To taste, a smooth, full sensation gives a simutaneously powerful and soft tonality. The long finish expresses all the complexity of the Cognac's blending and its long aging process. Learn More

A popular tradition where a pear is grown in the bottle while covered and matured with some of the highest quality and intoxicating Williams pear brandy. Fresh, rich and succulent with a seductive nature that is so easy to drink. Learn More

Kehlibar, the amber grape brandy, contains the freshness and aroma of the carefully selected superb mellow grapes grown in our own vineyards in the Karnobat region-Muscat, Dimyat, Pearl and Pamid. The ageing takes a year in small 230-liter barrels, which adds nuances of oak and vanilla to the bouquet of grapy aromas. This gives the beverage a unique mild taste and dense amber color. Learn More

This Grande Champagne cognac has received its final maturation at sea in oak barrels—the rarest and oldest VSOP on the world market. Dark golden-yellow-amber color. Delicate vanilla-oak scent, with a touch of Port wine, dried rose and violet. Fruity and jammy palate with notes of apricot, fig, hazelnut, and licorice. Mellow, warm, well balanced, great structure, and a long finish—at least 10 minutes on the palate. Learn More

This VS Brandy was made from meticulously selected eaux-de-vie aged in the best French barrels from Limousine oak. Its bouquet features prominent floral and fruity notes, emphasized by a subtle hint of oak ageing, smooth finish and pleasant aftertaste. Learn More

Aromas of Vanilla , Peach, Walnut Palate. The La Chance has amber color, subtle woody, hints of vanilla that's well balanced and smooth with a delicate finish. La Chance blend only finest eaux-de-vie Grand Champagne in Sengozac, The area known as "The capital of Grand Champagne Cognac region", in soil that is unique and unequalled anywhere in the world. Learn More

Laird's Applejack has a smooth, light to medium-weight body, a bouquet of peeled apples and a hint of toasted oak. The brandy's palate leads off with the delightfully tart flavor of apple cider, followed by notes of toffee, caramel and oak. The finish is warming and of medium duration. Learn More

A wonderful, fresh cognac that's presented in quite an unusual shaped bottle that looks very nice when displayed on the counter of a drinks cabinet. Fine gold color. Pleasant nose, supple and harmonious. Orange blossom and orange peel aromas. The smell is reminiscent of the taste of freshly pressed grapes. Very soft on the mouth. Learn More

Fresh nose, with great strength with holded by a velvety mouth. Vanilla and leather aroma structure the finish. Learn More

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