Sandeman Porto Tawny 20 Years Old

Blend | Portugal
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Country Portugal
Region Douro e Porto
Type Dessert Wine, Port Wine, Red Wine
Varietal Blend, Tempranillo (Tinta-del Pais, de Toro, Roriz, Tinto Fino), Other Grape

Dried fruit flavors are harmoniously balanced in this much-acclaimed 20-year-old Sandeman porto. Aged in wooden casks, the color matures from deep ruby through to amber, producing a rare and delicious tawny porto, which unsurprisingly has won many prizes across the globe. Perfect to drink in a large glass with foie-gras, salty vols-au-vent, or simply with a fresh peach.

Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo), Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca, and Tinto Cao. Produced and bottled by Sogrape Vinhos. Established by George Sandeman in 1790, Sandeman has been shipping fine portos all over the world for more than 200 years. Always a pioneer, Sandeman was the first company to brand its name on a cask with a hot iron. In 1805, the GSC (George Sandeman Co.) signature was a guarantee of quality for the wine it sold. It was also one of the first companies to label and advertise its wines. The "Sandeman Don" is one of the world's first-ever brand images and the first major icon in the wine world. It was painted in 1928 by George Massiot Brown and with its Coimbra student's black cape and the typical Jerez sombrero, it still retains all its mystique and attractiveness to represent the seduction and mystery of the Sandeman brand. Sandeman's international success was underlined in 1990 with the launch of a more modern portfolio and a new advertising campaign that emphasized a less traditional, younger, and more innovative "Don." In 2002, Sogrape Vinhos incorporated Sandeman into its business, reinforcing its status as a major, international operator in the wine sector with one more, truly-global brand in its portfolio. Currently, Sandeman clearly stands out as the worldwide port wine and sherry brand with its proud slogan: "Sandeman, Famous for Pleasure." This bottle contains old tawny porto which has been aged in wood. This unique wine was drawn from selected old-oak pipes & certified when bottled. Tawny lovers should also taste the Sandeman 30-year-old and 40-year-old tawnies.

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