Reuscher-Haart Piesporter Goldtroepfchen Riesling Kabinett 2012

Riesling, Germany
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Goldtroepfchen translates to "little golden droplets" and has been a highly regarded vineyard site since the Roman times. "Stubbornly young and it won't yield its sponti stink even after minutes of swirling—part of the reason I still offer the 2011—but eventually one sees another stuffed-full 2012, tasting drier than usual and seeming to be semi-solid, with almost a shiitake note, soy and bacon fat. Jury still out, but this has promise " (Theise, "2013 German Catalog" 104).

The Reuscher-Haart wine estate is located in Piesport, at the very heart of the central Mosel region. The duo name stems from the marriage of Elisabeth Haart to Matthias Reuscher in 1919. Ever since then, their wines and sparkling wines have displayed the combined coat of arms of the Reuscher and Haart families. Hugo Schwang took over management of the wine estate from his grandparents in 1968 and worked tirelessly to make sure the estate stayed aligned with organic principles. And in 2006, Hugo's son, Mario Schwang, took over the estate, continuing the estate's stance of natural top-quality wines, honest information, and quality at fair prices.

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Country Germany
Region Mosel
Type White Wine
Varietal Riesling
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