Ptujska Klet Modri Pinot "Pinot Noir" 2007

Pinot Noir, Slovenia
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The winemakers of Ptujska Klet ("Ptuj Wine Cellar") produce unique wines, merging the natural touch (the so-called "terroir"), the characteristics of the grape variety, and the specific approach of the winegrowers and vintners. They don't just cultivate wine in general, rather the specific wine of Ptuj. Wine from this region has characterized the Slovenian wine production with constant quality, a trendsetting tradition, and most importantly with great dedication. And, their slogan highlights this high-quality Ptuj wine: "Spice up your life with one of the noblest flavor—the flavor of our wines." This is an attractive Pinot Noir, which impresses even the most selective tastes of Pinot Noir enthusiasts, and a particularly trendy variety in the modern wine world.

This Pinot Noir is an impressive ruby-colored wine with a strong fruit bouquet scent, reminiscent of strawberry jam, and continues in a nice velvet medium with a full aftertaste. Recommended with French cuisine, Mexican cuisine, or young, smoked cheeses.

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Country Slovenia
Region Podravje
Type Red Wine
Varietal Pinot Noir
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