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While we like to hear from consumers, (both opinions and questions) we avoid retail (not enough time) and even avoid wholesale sales (direct to stores), as we are bad at collections. Instead, we sell our wines to distributors in 43 states as of last count and if yours is not one of them then a little pull from your end, a little push from our end and we can get you the most organic and varietally correct wines available in the world. Welcome wine drinkers and thanks for finding us out here on one of the spiral arms of the Web. We should warn you that we have streamlined our business to that which we enjoy the most, making wine. We've been making wine commercially for over 30 years now, organic wine for the last 20 years. Making the same wines year after year can get a bit boring so those of you who have followed our products for some time have noticed we mix things up a bit each year by adding new wines, trying out new vineyards and styling wines so they best reflect the oddities of each vintage.
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Due to restrictive state laws and regulations, we are prohibited to ship to the following states: Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pensylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

For the states of Louisiana and New Hampshire, we are planning to obtain permits to be able to ship to these states.

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