Or HaGanuz Winery Amuka Series Marus Single Vineyard Shiraz 2013

Syrah (Shiraz), Israel
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This wine is a unique blend of Mount Meron terroir and selected vineyards, rich with a history that can be traced back for centuries. Following decades of research where Or Haganuz examined every clod of earth, incline, and harvest, they distinguished each vineyard. The result is in your hand—a series of high-quality boutique wines with a distinctive identity. This wine was produced from Northern Galilee Shiraz grapes grown in the Marus vineyard.

Shiraz. Or HaGanuz Winery was founded in 2005 and lies at the foot of Mount Meron in the Or HaGanuz settlement, a collaborative, religious community of Orthodox Jews who have adopted the principle of "working for the common good"—similar to the kibbutz model. The name of both the community and winery, translated from Hebrew, means "Hidden Light" and is derived from Kabbalah, referring to the original light described in the Bible as the first act of creation. The Or HaGanuz vineyards enjoy the unique climate of the Upper Galailee mountains, at a height of 2,259-2,854 feet above sea level, which is optimal for a variety of high-quality grapes.

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Country Israel
Region Galil (Galilee)
Type Red Wine
Varietal Syrah (Shiraz)
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