Nuevo Mundo Estate Carmenere 2009

Carmenere, Chile
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This wine is a purple red in color. The nose is very fresh and intense, with hints of spice, accompanied by a touch of sweetness, which comes from the part of this wine that was kept in oak. The palate is round and full, of medium length and high acidity, which ensures a better life for this variety and highlights the wine's spicy and fruity character.

With "Nuevo Mundo", De Martino is proud to present a line of wines which come exclusively from the family's organic vineyards in Isla de Maipo in the Maipo Valley. The wines are produced from a selection of organic grapes and are the first wines in South America to be certified as Carbon Neutral. As well as being leaders in the production of premium wines, De Martino are also pioneers in the production of organic wines and in sustainable practices. All of the greenhouse gases released during the production, packing and transportation of this wine have been reduced and offset. "Nuevo Mundo" is a wine free from impact on climate change.

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Country Chile
Region Del Valle Central
Type Organic, Red Wine
Varietal Carmenere
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