McCray Scotch Whisky Sheep


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McCray Superior Whisky is an outstanding sensory experience. It is a big-bodied, heartwarming whiskey that fills the mouth with its unique, luscious, velvety flavors. The best natural ingredients and the uncompromising dedication to quality are what make McCray the best whiskey in its class. Now, we invite you to discover the hidden complexities in the unique taste of McCray. Come savor the smooth, intense flavor whichever way you mix and be inspired by its flavor.

The art of whisky distilling has been perfected in Scotland for generations. Distillers take pure water from Scotland's crystal-clear streams and plump, golden barley from the fields and transform them into a precious spirit, which is then poured into oak casks and tucked away in warehouses to mature. Most whiskies wait for decades till they're perfect - a long sleep before their moment to shine. With five whisky regions in Scotland, there are so many whiskies to choose from. Each has its own unique flavors and character.

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Country Scotland
Region Other
Type Blended Scotch
Varietal Spirit
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