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Milla is the new Marolo brand that replaced the Liquor of Grappa and Chamomile, completely renewed thanks to the precious work of famous international designers. This liqueur is obtained from a traditional and easy recipe, typical in the Langhe territory, the land of barolo and barbaresco. It is made from an infusion of chamomile blossoms in the grappa. The chamomile flowers are picked when fully ripened, dried in the shade, strained, and then left to steep for eleven months in the grappa.

Paolo Marolo owns a small distillery (called Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Marolo) located in Alba, the famous wine town in Piedmont. He produces grapes by one of the slowest and more traditional methods, employing discontinuous distillation in bain-marie ("water bath," cooking equipment). One of the outstanding characteristics of his methods is that he gives the consumer a genuine and qualitatively selected product. The grappa is obtained from fresh and carefully chosen pomace of pressed grapes and distilled during the harvest time. He produces, in fact, grappa from several types of individual varietals from different areas, obtained by distilling the pomace separately. So, he obtains grappa with marked characteristics, easily recognizable because each one is unique in flavor and fragrance. The result is that his grappa is a handcrafted product and never mass produced.

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Country Italy
Region Piemonte
Type Liqueur
Varietal Spirit
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