Kvint Wild Goat Merlot 2014

Merlot, Moldova
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This wine features a beautiful garnet color. Fine aroma with hints of cassis and delicate nuances of prunes and cherry. It is velvety on the palate, with barely perceptible astrincency and freshness. It is best served at temperatures of 61–65 degrees F and perfectly pairs with mutton, game, poultry, or cheese.

This wine is made under the control of the Department of Kashrut of Rabbinat of Saint Louis, Missouri, The Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis (OV). It has the status of "kosher le'mehadrin," not mevushal (meets the strictest laws of Kashrut, not pasteurized). It is made via the classical-production process from the merlot grape variety grown in Kvint's own vineyards.

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Country Moldova
Region Cahul (Sud)
Type Red Wine
Varietal Merlot
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