Krymskoe "Crimea" Muscat of Feodosia

Muscat (Moscatel) | Russia

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A white dessert wine made of Muscat grape varieties... Read more
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Country Russia
Region Respublike Krym
Type Dessert Wine, White Wine
Varietal Muscat (Moscatel)

A white dessert wine made of Muscat grape varieties

Bottled by SE of Krymskyi Vynnyi Dim ("Crimean Wine House"), a modern winemaking plant owned by Global Spirits and located in South Ukraine (Feodosiya, the Crimean Republic). The winery's history dates back to 1824 when the Russian Emperor, Alexander I, granted French Count Bade a large estate among the Feodosiya lands of the Imperial Crown. Later on, these lands became the home for their vineyards and production facilities. Today, Krymskyi Vynnyi Dim implements a full-production cycle, from growing grapes to selling wines through their own distribution network (Megapolis LLC). This is how the highest control is ensured at all stages—from the vineyard to a bottle on the shelf.

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