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The nose gives fragrances of cooked plums, liquorice, chocolate, nutmeg, and vanilla seed while the mouth feel is full-bodied with delicate ready tannins - the consequence of maturing for a half year in oak barrels. Learn More

Cantina Gabriele Spumante Bianco is a dry white sparkling wine from the Lazio region of Italy. Works well as an aperitif or paired with fine cheeses or pasta. Nice and dry, full of flavor, with zillions of tiny bubbles and a lingering zingy finish. Learn More

The story of Carmel represents the story of Israel, and the recent developments of Carmel's wine, symbolizes the revolution of Israeli wine in recent years. This Rose wine a is semi-dry blush wine, aromatic, refreshing, light and fruity. Learn More

The Merlot grape one of the "Respectable" grapes is delivered in our vineyards of the Galil. Learn More

Full-bodied with ripe red and black fruits and earthy aromas. Brimming with juicy ripe fruit and layers of spice on the palate. The perfect accompaniment to steak and to slow-cooked beef. This wine is suitable for vegans. Learn More

Aromas of gooseberries and lush tropical fruit with a touch of wet hay and nettles. Ripe gooseberries, green gage plums, and tropical fruits with a slight hint of oak on the palate. Incredible citrus fruit flavors and a crisp texture make this wine perfect to drink on its own or paired with many dishes, especially with fish or cheese. Learn More

A delightful, absolutely natural,semi-sweet red wine.Present with sweets, cakes, and organic product. Learn More

Rum Jumbie Splash is the ultimate blend of the finest Caribbean Rum infused with natural fruit flavors. Nurtured by the warmth of the Caribbean sun, only the best sugar cane rum is selected to create this harmonious tropical spirit. This gift set also comes with smaller bottles of Coconut, Pineapple, and Vanilla Splash. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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