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Saperavi, dry red wine, is made of Saperavi grape variety which is cultivated in Kakheti, East Georgia. The wine is full with fresh red fruit aromas and dark ruby color, which is characterized for young red wines. Learn More

The wine has a dark ruby shading and rich fragrance of red cherry, dark current, plums and a trace of vanilla. Combines well with meat, seared and stewed dishes, and an assortment of cheddar. Learn More

On the sense of taste it is dry and grippy, with low corrosiveness and a refined, adjusted sharpness. The majority of the sweet-smelling aromas, however, keep on falling through the sense of taste. It's likewise perfect and flawless, in spite of its textural and fragrant complexities. Learn More

Shumi Winery was established in 2001 in the area of ​​Zinandari, Eastern Kakheti region of Georgia, which is the main production area. This is a rare domain in Georgia, where we go from cultivation to bottling in-house. With state-of-the-art equipment that gives complete control over the brewing process, a lab for accurate analysis and a unique cellar, it is one of Georgia's best wineries. Learn More

The wine is matured in French barrels of the Limousine oak and adjusts to the most astounding quality gauges. The wine has a dim ruby shading with an emphatically communicated smell of Saperavi grape assortment. It is portrayed by a sample of ready leafy foods complex bunch, has high concentrate content with the extraordinary taste amicability. Learn More

Napareuli is viewed as one of Georgia's top monikers of starting point – Saperavi here produces a wine absolutely not at all like other Georgian Wines, with cowhide, smoke and tobacco on the sense of taste. Learn More

Vine Ponto Khikhvi is a white dry wine produced using grapes of the cultivar Khikhvi, developed on vineyards in Kakheti, in the smaller scale zones of Napareuli, Tsinandali and Magraani. The age of the vines is from 20 to 40 years. Gather is gathered by hand when the grapes achieve immaculate development. The aging procedure pursues the old Georgian strategy in Kvevri. For maturing wine utilized American and French oak barrels. Learn More

The Spirit of Georgia owns four wine cellars with clay kvevri, as well as American and French oak barrels for aging wine - thus the final factor that gives Vine Ponto wines an inexpressible, rich, rich noble bouquet. Learn More

Wine of deep dark garnet color. Exquisite leather tones, accompanied by the noble notes of oak aging, are woven into the delicate aroma of blueberries, wild berries and underbrush. On the palate, the wine is dense, elegant, perfectly balanced, with a soft cashmere tartness in the aftertaste. Learn More

Vine Ponto Rkatsiteli is a white dry wine produced using the Rkatsiteli grapes developed in vineyards in Kakheti, in the smaller scale - zones of Napareuli, Tsinandali and Magraani. The age of the vines is from 20 to 40 years. Reap is gathered by hand when the grapes achieve impeccable development. The maturation procedure pursues the old Georgian technique in Kvevri. French and American oak barrels are utilized for maturing wine. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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