Khlibnyi Dar Ozyma "Winter" Wheat

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The wheat was grown under a cold-winter cover, becoming tempered during the long winter. The seeds were planted at the beginning of spring and when fully grown had inherited all features of wheat. Carefully kept and selected, these grains have given Winter Wheat Vodka all its youth, force, and power, helping in the creation of a real vodka. Best combined with game sausages in sweet-and-sour sauce.

Khlibnyi Dar (meaning "Bread Gift") is a combination of unique, natural artesian water from the fertile Cherkassy land, Lux-grain-class spirit, and the best aromatic wheat, rye, and barley alcohol. Since it is made from only natural ingredients, no additional purification, artificial enrichment, or improvement is needed. Khlibnyi Dar is also environmentally friendly and self sufficient, like nature itself. This grain vodka with real bread flavor has long been called "bread wine" and chosen as a historical tradition. Today, Khlibnyi Dar is the number-one grain vodka in Ukraine. For 10 years in a row, its trademark has symbolized consistent quality and supported real values: strong friendship, family ideals, and loyalty to national traditions.

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Country Ukraine
Region Cherkas'ka (Cherkasy)
Type Vodka
Varietal Spirit
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