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It has been discovered that water filtered through diamond dust have a positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit. So IceKube Vodka, the finest, filtered vodka in the world, uses diamond-dust filters to enhance its smoothness and remove all impurities. Each glass bottle is hand crafted and uniquely sculptured, giving the look of chiseled ice. See and then taste a work of art. "Chill with IceKube Vodka."

To make IceKube Vodka soft, smooth, and well balanced, IceKube decided to use a unique filtering process based on a procedure developed in France. Most other vodka brands use a cheap filtration method where vodka is simply passed through a column of charcoal. At IceKube, vodka filtration is done differently. They prepare their vodka in batches and spray it with extremely fine charcoal powder, crushed to nano-sized particles. The powder is so fine that it penetrates inside the ethanol to remove any bad residue. After resting overnight, a second charcoal treatment is performed to filter out bigger-sized particles. The vodka is then allowed to rest for two hours before the third filtration process begins, which uses special diamond filters to remove the charcoal. The vodka comes out crystal clear, with no smell, no taste, and is very smooth. All this makes IceKube better than most of the top vodkas on the market today.

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Country France
Region Cognac
Type Vodka
Varietal Spirit
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