Hudson New York Corn Whiskey

New York, United States
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Hudson New York Corn Whiskey is the true American spirit. It is distilled the old fashioned way, one batch at a time from 100% New York corn. No sugar is added. This unaged sipping whiskey is clear and soft to the tongue, with the faint aroma of corn fields at harvest. Corn whiskey is known by a variety of nicknames: White Dog, White Light'ng, and moonshine.

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey harkens back to an earlier time before Prohibition. When there were over 1,200 farm distilleries in the state. New York farmers hauled their excess corn crop to the local distiller who transformed it into alcohol, increasing its value and reducing volume so that it could be easily and cheaply shipped. Distilled from a mash bill including 100% New York corn, it is double-distilled and bottled at 46% without charcoal or chill filtering to retain the full flavor of the grain, some hazing may occur. Hudson New York Corn Whiskey is among the first legal whiskeys to be distilled in New York in over 70 years. It is produced at the Tuthilltown Gristmill, a National Historic Site.

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Country United States
Region Hudson River Region
Type Whisk(e)y
Varietal Spirit
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