Gabriel & Associes Fin Bois Chateau de Clam

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With an ideal exposure, Chateau de Clam's subsoil is composed of crumbly chalk under a thin layer of clay that produces a smooth cognac. Fin Bois Chateau de Clam is floral and fruity, which reveals white grape and orange aromas before developing notes of orange, liquorice, and carnations—a cognac that only cellar masters have a chance to taste. A rare delicacy reserved for the happy few until now.

Distributed by Cognac Ferrand. This cognac has been bottled from a selected, individual district in its natural state and displays the wonderful and unique character of that district. It has not been subject to any filtration that might remove natural constituents and spoil its flavor. It is an authentic product of its soil, a true single-estate cognac. Most cognacs are bottled after an electorate mixing process where by the contents of hundreds of barrels of different regions are blended together. Gabriel & Associes cognacs are crafted by a considerably more arduous and exacting method; one cask at a time, each lot coming from a single district and a single estate in the Cognac region, in order to preserve its unique character and taste.

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Country France
Region Cognac
Type Cognac
Varietal Spirit
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