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Double Cross is subtle and well balanced with clean, bright flavors including a touch of lemon, white pepper, and hints of white chocolate. It's silky and creamy with a mellow mouthfeel. Double Cross is best enjoyed neat in a snifter or in a classic martini, allowing the aroma of white pepper and lemon zest to reveal itself fully. Double Cross can also be enjoyed in an array of exciting and flavorful cocktails, such as "Double Dare"—a cocktail made with Double Cross Vodka, fresh jalapeno and lime slices, fresh-squeezed orange juices, and agave nectar.

As the flagship spirit of Old Nassau Imports, Double Cross Vodka is the only Slovakian vodka to be released in the United States and is produced in a 13th-century Slovakian village located in the heart of Eastern Europe. Expertly crafted by Master Distiller Dr. Jan Krak, Double Cross uses only locally grown, organic winter wheat and mountain spring water drawn from aquifers located 200 feet below ground level. Double Cross is seven-times distilled and seven-times filtered resulting in an exceptionally pure spirit. Its award-winning bottle design was created to reflect the elegance of its contents and the nobility of its Slovakian heritage. The unique rectangular packaging features a number of artistic elements including verses of old-world Slovakian poetry silk screened on the back, a metal closure, and an individually numbered tamper seal. The brand's striking Double Cross logo, derived from the Slovakian flag and coat of arms, serves as the bottle's design centerpiece.

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Country Slovakia
Region Severo-Vychodoslovenska
Type Vodka
Varietal Spirit
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