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The wine is produced from the finest Rkatsiteli grapes harvested in Gurjaani appellation vineyards in Kakheti region, and fermented in Qvevri according to ancient Georgian traditions. No filtration or chemical additives were used in production. Small presence of sediment is normal. Learn More

The wine is produced from Shavkapito grapes harvested in Okami village of Shida Kartli region, and fermented in Qvevri. No filtration or chemical additives were used in production. Small presence of sediment is normal. Learn More

Produced from Mtsvane grapes cultivated in Manavi district of Kakheti region, this wine is of pale straw color, with prevailing aromas of tropical fruits. Delicately refined taste is lively acidic and fruity, with notes of pineapple, lemon and pear. The finish is long and persistent. Perfect pair to grilled fish and salad. Learn More

Red dry wine produced from Saperavi grapes hand-picked in their estate owned vineyards in Kakheti region, and fermented in Qvevtries according to the ancient Georgian methodology. Aged in oak, dark ruby colored, with cherry, prune and vanilla tones. Perfect pair to grilled meats, game and aged cheeses. Learn More

White dry wine produced from Kisi, Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli grapes hand-picked in the vineyards located on the clopes of Manavi and Magrani, and fermented in Qvevries according on the ancient Georgian methodology. Aged in oak, amber-colored, with dried fruit aroma and walnut tincture. Perfect pair to grilled fish and salad. Learn More

Produced from Saperavi grapes harvested in Kakheti region. Dark purple color, highly extractive, full body wine with varietal aromas of dark fruits, smooth mellow texture, with notes of dark plum, fig and spice, and pleasant astringency. The finish is long and persistent. Perfectly pairs with grilled meats, game and medium aged cheese. Learn More

Saperavi, dry red wine, is made of Saperavi grape variety which is cultivated in Kakheti, East Georgia. The wine is full with fresh red fruit aromas and dark ruby color, which is characterized for young red wines. Learn More

Akhasheni is what you would find in a typical Georgian home. This wine has a dark pomegranate color, marked characteristic aroma, and a harmonious, fresh taste. An excellent partner to game, roasts, or grilled meats. Learn More

Due to its color, refined taste, and high quality this wine deserves to be called "very special one." It exhibits a complex, fruity flavor which compliments meats and is also delicious as an appetizer. Learn More

This wine is pale straw color. Alazanis Valley has a unique delicate fruity flavor with a crisp, fresh finish. Compliments fish dishes, mushrooms and cheese. Learn More

D Collection Khvanchkara is a late-harvest, naturally semisweet red wine made from unique native varietals cultivated on the slopes of the Rioni Gorge, Repulic of Georgia. It is the "pearl" among the Georgian wines. It exhibits a deep ruby color, aromatic nose, and complex structure. A perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit, melon, fruit salads, light cheese, or desserts. Learn More

Naturally sweet, warm, and velvety with delicate fruit flavors. Compliments soft cheeses, sweet meat, fish dishes, or all desserts. Learn More

Dark, rich, red ruby color. Complex medium-bodied wine with a spicy nose and smooth velvety finish. Exhibits complex fresh fruit flavors, oak, and light earthiness. An excellent partner to game, roasts, or grilled meats. Learn More

100% Saperavi. Produced and bottled by JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli. Saperavi is the grape variety that has made Georgian wines famous around the world. It is the darkest grape variety in the world according to wine historians. Learn More

For 9 months, it is matured in oak barrels. The wine has a pale straw color, fine fruity bouquet, and mild, delicate taste. Goes well with fish, mushrooms, or cheese. Learn More

Kindzmarauli Young is a red, naturally semisweet wine, 100% Saperavi varietal, from the Kindzmarauli microzone of the Kvareli area, in the Kahkheti region, Republic of Georgia. A distinguishable varietal aroma, harmonious, and velvety flavor. Learn More

Controlled appellation of origin a naturally semi-sweet red wine, made according to the modern technology and ancient Georgian traditions of the Saperavi grape variety, cultivated in Akhasheni micro region of the Gurjaani district of Kakheti. The wine of a dark pomegranate color has a harmonious velvety taste with a chocolate flavor. Learn More

The wine has a dark-ruby color and rich aroma of red cherry, black current, plums and a hint of vanilla. Pairs well with meat, fried and stewed dishes, and a variety of cheese. Learn More

This wine is of a dark- ruby color has a strong characteristic bouquet and aroma and a harmonious velvety taste with a raspberry flavor,with distinct notes of berries and cherry. Goes well with cherry pie, walnut and honey sweets, fruit assortment and baklava. Learn More

The wine is light ruby color has a strong characteristic bouquet and aroma and a gentle harmonious, velvety taste. In it dominates flavor of plum and sweet grape juice. It tastes sweet and well-balanced. Goes well with chocolate, ripe strawberry, cakes and red fruits. Learn More

Wines color ranges from pale-straw to straw-green. It is characterized by a strong fruity aroma, which invokes freshly sliced pears and apples. The taste is subtle and harmonious. Great with salads and cold meat dishes. Learn More

Natural dry red wine, controlled appellation of origin produced in the Kakheti region, from the highest quality Saperavi grapes that are harvested in the zone of Mukuzani. This wine pleasant transparency, strong defined Saperavi's aromas, cherry and vanilla tones, and strong body. Learn More

Alazani Valley Red is a medium-sweet wine. This dark-pomegranate-colored wine with a violet hue is produced from saperavi grapes. The nose reveals fresh black fruit and prune notes. The taste is full, soft, and spicy with a remarkably long and well-balanced finish. Drink alone as an aperitif or pair with sweet desserts and cakes. Serve at 54–61 degrees F. Learn More

Two native varieties compose a natural marriage of white-flower blossom from mtsvane and persistent, fresh, and sapid fruit notes from kisi. The palate is smooth and velvety, refined and elegant, with a lingering and fresh finish. Drink alone as an apertif or pair with various vegetable dishes. Serve at 50–54 degrees F. Learn More

The blend of three grapes, all grown in Marani's Kondoli Vineyards: Saperavi, (with its deep red color, intense black-fruit-juice aromas, and big body), alexandreuli (lighter color and texture full of strawberry and sweet vanilla notes), merlot (with its concentrated ripe-fruit aromas at mid palate and touch of green grass at the end), compose a perfectly balanced wine with a bright crimson and brick rim at the edge. Pair with grilled meat, game, or matured cheese. Serve at 65 degrees F. Learn More

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