Valdespino Medium Amontillado Contrabandista

Dark amber color, richly scented with aromas of smoke and toasted nuts and flavors of dried plum, spice, burnt toffee and a hint of raisin fruit. Bright acidity and nice minerality maintains the balance of flavors.The vineyard faces the south east with and inclination of 10 degrees and at an altitude of 135 meters high. The wine is fermented naturally in very old oak barrels. They remain in this 'sobretabla' for 1 year fermenting to about 12% alcohol and forming the flor. The wine is then removed from the lees and fortified to 15% and introduced to the first 'criadera' or level of the Tio Diego solera. Dark amber in color. Aromatics of hazelnuts with a smooth and persistent palate.


Case (12)


Less than a case

Sku:         8412449102948

Size:        750ML

Country: Spain

Region:   Andalucia

Type:       Sherry

Varietal:   Palomino Fino