Tissot Michel & Fils Arbois Chardonnay 2014

Jura wine region is a department located in the east of France named after the Jura mountains. More particularly, the Jura wine region is located between Burgundy and Switzerland, The climate of the Jura wine region varies by elevation. The lower valleys of the Jura wine region are temperate and enjoyable; however, the high mountain valleys that are wooded and rolling have extremely cold winters.Arbois wine covers a remarkable range of the wine color spectrum, to such an extent that the locals frequently use descriptors such as corail (coral) and rubis (ruby) in addition to red, white and rose. This diversity is due in large part to the fact that 'white' Arbois wines may be made from up to 20% red grapes – and vice-versa. Poulsard, the region's key red variety, is lightly pigmented and is used to control the final color of a 'rose' wine.


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Sku:         01564348160

Size:        750ML

Country: France

Region:   Jura

Type:       White Wine

Varietal:   Chardonnay

    WS 87