Bols Genever

The smooth, subtle, malty flavor of this white spirit comes from using over 50% malt wine, which is made from long-fermented rye, corn, and wheat and triple distilled in copper-pot stills. This malt wine, the heart of a good genever, is then infused with a carefully selected distillate of botanicals. This process has been mastered and perfected by the Lucas Bols company, master distillers in Amsterdam since 1575. Bols Genever is the authentic ingredient of many classic cocktails. It can also be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.Produced by Lucas Bols, founded in 1575 and based in Amsterdam, opposite the Vincent Van Gogh Museum. They have mastered the art of mixing and blending through a close collaboration with professional bartenders from all over the world, resulting in the creation of hundreds of delicious products adapted from old recipes—a range of products with all of the essential flavors and tools that are vital for bartenders and for mixing at home. Bols Genever is expertly made according to the original 1820 Lucas Bols recipe, reinvented for today's cocktails.


Case (12)


Sku:         08091510803

Size:        750ML

Country: Netherlands

Region:   Noord-Holland

Type:       Gin

Varietal:   Spirit