Roundhouse Spirits Roundhouse Gin

Roundhouse Spirits was started in 2008 by Alex Nelson to create high-quality, handmade, small-batch spirits. At that time (and still today), the vast majority of the spirits brands stocked at any bar or liquor store were owned by the same few behemoth, faceless conglomerates and spirits connoisseurs had very few options if they're searching for handcrafted small-batch spirits. Their logo plays on the railroad theme where hard-working locomotives get to relax in the roundhouse as they get serviced. The backwards R resembles the front of an old-steam locomotive with a cow-catcher plow while the latticed H represents train tracks. Roundhouse operations are run by Ted Palmer who strives for quality, innovation, and taste in every drop. Roundhouse is a dry gin of its own breed. Micro-distilled and bottled by hand in exceptionally small batches. Roundhouse's distiller starts with a clear-grain spirit, infuses the traditional gin botanicals (juniper, coriander, citrus peel, star anise, angelica, and orris root), and adds hints of sencha green tea, lavender, and hibiscus and chamomile blossoms. Roundhouse Spirits thinks you'll agree: The result is a truly inspired gin that departs the beaten path of mass-produced spirits.Citrus, lavender, chamomile, and hints of licorice flavors. Complements best with light fruit and citrus juices, as well as martinis with a splash of orange liquor and recipes with watermelon or cranberry.


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Sku:         80487911551

Size:        750ML

Country: United States

Region:   Other

Type:       Gin

Varietal:   Spirit