Georgian Wine House Kindzmarauli Molodoje "Young"

Kindzmarauli Young is a red, naturally semisweet wine, 100% Saperavi varietal, from the Kindzmarauli microzone of the Kvareli area, in the Kahkheti region, Republic of Georgia. A distinguishable varietal aroma, harmonious, and velvety flavor.100% Saperavi. Georgian Wine House, Ltd. was founded in 1996 in the central part of Georgia, in the city of Gori. On the left side of the Liakhvi River, you can see their vineyards. They also owns vineyards in western Georgia. In 2006, they opened a new winery in Racha, in the town of Ambrolauri. This is the place where the distinct Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes are grown. The well-known wine, Khvanchkara, is produced from these grapes.


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Sku:         60173940001

Size:        750ML

Country: Georgia

Region:   Kakheti

Type:       Red Wine

Varietal:   Other Grape