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Bache Gabrielsen American Oak Cognac

While remaining true to the ancestral methods of the blending of the liquid, this unique eau de vie incorporates both a traditional and new approach to cognac. It has distinct character from the American oak, with delicate tropical flavors of coconut and pineapple, which blends beautifully with the French oak flavors of vanilla, cocoa and nuts. Bache Gabrielsen American Oak Cognac is a unique concept by this family run house - whereby the eaux-de-vies within the blend have finished the aging process in American oak barrels. Celler Master, Jean Phillipe Bergier, has used his immense knowledge and passion of all things cognac for this new creation. Of course, the cognacs within the blend went through their normal aging process in limousin oak barrels, but for the final 6 months he selected the finest Tennessee oak barrels.
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