A. Megapanos Winery Nemea 2006

Deep red color. Aromas of black cherry and plum together with the discreet presence of cinnamon aromas, which at the same time softens the tannins and produces a velvety texture. The aftertaste is very intense with a strong presence of smoky flavors. It is served at and is an ideal accompaniment to red meats (veal, game), grilled meats, stews, pasta dishes with red sauces, or hard cheeses. A. Megapanos Winery is a modern wine production and bottling facility based in Pikermi with the aim of producing excellent quality wine from the mainland, but also from other famous wine regions of Greece. It is a member of ENOAA (Attica Vineyard Wine Producers Association), "Wine Roads of Attica," and other programs for the development of wine production in Attica. The winery is located in the heart of the Mesogian plains, east of Mount Hymettus, and a little over 12 miles from Athens. The climate is mild and fairly dry, with little rainfall. This justifies the long presence of humans in the area (the first evidence of habitation is in 4,000 BC). Megapanos Nemea is produced from the well known variety Aghiorgitiko (St. George) of Nemea. It is stored in oak barrels for one year, then bottled in limited quantities, and stored for another year before offered to consumers.
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