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Apellation-origin-controlled, dry white wine Tsinandali is made from rkatsiteli and mtsvane grape varieties grown in the Tsinandali-specific viniculture zone. The wine has a pale-straw color and pleasant mineral and perfumed aroma, accompanied by notes of apple, peach, quince, and vanilla. This wine is delicate, full bodied with refreshing acidity, and has a long finish. It pairs best with fish, white meats, salads, or seafood. Recommended serving temperature of 50–54 degrees F. Learn More

Full of blackberry and cherry aromas and flavors, this is full-bodied, complex and earthy. A fantastic introduction to Georgian wine. Learn More

Apellation-origin-controlled, dry red wine. Produced from a premium saperavi grape variety harvested in the Mukuzani viticulture zone in the Kahketi province of Georgia. The wine features a deep ruby color. The nose is reminiscent of ripe berries. The palate is rich with ripe berries, plums, and subtle oak flavors. The tannins are mild and evenly balanced with acids. Excellently complements red meats or aged cheeses. Recommended serving temperature of 66–68 degrees F. Learn More

Apellation-origin-controlled, naturally semisweet red wine. Produced from a premium saperavi grape variety harvested in Kindzmarauli-Kvareli-specific viticulture zone in the Kahketi province of Georgia. The wine features a deep red color, characteristic bouquet and aroma, and a gentle, harmonious, and velvety taste. Excellently complements fruits and desserts. Recommended serving temperature of 52–54 degrees F. Learn More

This dry, red table wine Ikhalto is made from the saperavi and cabernet franc grape varieties grown in the Kakheti viniculture zone. It has an intense red color, an aroma of berries and plums, and flavor of cow berries and black prunes with a long and pleasant finish. The wine is recommended with roast pork, beef, or strong cheese. Recommended serving temperatures of 60–64 degrees F. Learn More

Table semi-sweet white wine "Alazani Valley" is made from Rkatsiteli grape variety grown in Kakheti viniculture zone. It has a pale straw color, an aroma of fresh fruits and flowers, a flavor of apples, pears and peaches with long and pleasant finish. Learn More

The blend is named for the village where the grapes are cultivated, which is located within Kakheti along the Alazani river. Crisp, floral, yet balanced with flavors of apricot and apple. Goes especially well with salmon and variety of seafood. Learn More

WE 87

This medium-full bodied Saperavi shows a classic Saperavi profile with ripe sour cherry and pomegranate notes, vibrant acidity, and firm tannin. A perfect party wine since it will go with most things on the table. Learn More

This is a juicy wine with structure and finesse. Aromas of crushed rose petals, violets, plums and wild berries. The impression on the palate is one of firmly weighed fruit, a hint of sweetness, with a soft silky finish with a balance of tannin. Learn More

Telavuri Dry White wine, traditional for the Telavi region of Kakheti, is produced from local grapes grown on the right bank of the Alazani River. The light-straw-colored wine is inimitable with traditional lamb and veal dishes and also goes very well with poultry and vegetable salads. Store at 58–61 degrees F. Serve at 47–54 degrees F. Learn More

Mukuzani is made made from saparavi grapes grown on the southern bank of the Alazani River, noted for its excellent location. The wine shows aromas of black cherry, dark chocolate, and a sprinkling of vanilla and spice. There's generous, ripe mouth-filling fruit on the palate, with notes of damson, followed by robust tannins. Matches with grilled meat, game, or medium-aged cheese. Serve at 65 degrees F. Learn More

Tvishi is a medium-sweet white wine produced from tsolikauri grapes. It's a pale wine with a greenish tint and subtle scents of honeysuckle and apricots. It is delicately sweet but kept fresh and appealing by zesty acid, while the long aftertaste brings back, once more, the floral and fruity aromas. Enjoy on its own or with chicken or fish pates and cheeses. Serve at 47–50 degrees F. Learn More

Tsinandali is a blend of rkatsitelli and mtsvane grapes. On the palate it is crisp and fresh with hints of banana and tropical salads. Its subtly creamy and complex taste is from partial aging in French Oak. Matches with grilled salmon, seafood, or vegetable dishes. Serve at 47–54 degrees F. Learn More

Alexandreuli is a natural, medium-sweet wine made from a blend of alexandreuli and of mujuretuli grapes grown in Marani's Kondoli Vineyards. The color is bright ruby. Intense raspberry- and strawberry-juice nose, underlined by a touch of white-pepper hints. The palate is fresh, elegant, sweet but not heavy, with pomegranate and pepper notes lingering into a sweet-sour finish. Matches with desserts, walnut cake, or soft, full-flavored cheeses. Serve at 54–58 degrees F. Learn More

Alazani Valley White is a medium-sweet wine. The straw-colored wine, made from rkatsiteli and mtsvane grapes, leads with delicate fruit aromas of melon and quince. The taste is fresh with mild acidity which is offset by the natural sweetness. Matches with appetizers or sweet biscuits. Serve at 47–50 degrees F. Learn More

Kvareli is produced in one of the most well-regarded viticulture areas from saperavi grapes. This dark-ruby-red-colored, full-bodied dry wine has an intense cherry and spicy nose, with hints of dark chocolate, though still mellow with damson and smoky oak. Matches with grilled meat, game, or medium-aged cheese. Serve at 65 degrees F. Learn More

Kvanchkara is a medium-sweet red wine made from a blend of mujuretuli and aleksandreuli grapes. It's aromas of smoky, wild strawberries are followed on the palate by a mellow blend of dried fruit, pomegranate, and a touch of caramel and almonds, though there's plenty of lively acidity to keep it fresh and balanced. Matches with desserts, walnut cake, or soft, full-flavored cheeses. Serve at 54–58 degrees F. Learn More

Akhasheni is produced in the Kindzmarauli Specific Viticulture Area, from saperavi grapes. This medium-sweet red wine has a very rich and complex bouquet, with fresh notes of small berries and liquorice. The taste is fresh and sweet, intense, and persistent in the finish. Matches with desserts, fruit salads, or soft cheeses. Serve at 54–58 degrees F. Learn More

Light pomegranate with bricky highlights. Intense aromas of honey, strawberry jam, poached quince and red grape juice. The taste repeats the nose, adding mandarin comfiture and prune jam. The finish is lingering, showing well-balanced and inviting aftertaste. Learn More

The wine has a rich amber color, specific varietal aromas combined with honey notes, and a balanced, harmonic taste. Great as an aperitif over ice or as acomplement to desserts. Best serving temperature is from 54–59 F. Learn More

Deeply golden colored, full bodied, rich and complex, this wine has been crafted to accompany robust pork, veal, or chicken dishes (simply roasted or served either with fruit or cream sauces). Learn More

This dry white wine is made from Tsitska grape variety, which is cultivated in western Georgia. With a pale straw color, this delicate wine has flavor of note aromas of citrus and mountain flowers, These delightful flavors also lift the palate, joined with soft, pleasant sourness. Learn More

This semi-dry red wine is made from Ojaleshi grape variety cultivated in the mountainous region of Samagrelo in Western Georgia. A powerful, deep ruby color expresses an essence of ripe cherries and raspberries. Extremely sophisticated and elegant palate, with a delightful balance of fruitiness and tannic structure. Learn More

This deeply colored ruby wine boasts an intense, juicy attack with flavors of wild berries and dark chocolate. With a surprising balance of velvety tannins and blackberry-raspberry-mulberry flavors, it has a fresh, crisp, harmonious finish. Best served with white meat dishes, fish, cold desserts, chocolate and fruits. Learn More

Telavuri Medium Sweet wine is traditional for the Telavi region of Kakheti. It is made of local grapes, predominantly Rkatsiteli, grown on both banks of the Alazani River. The wine is of a light-straw color. The nice balance of sweetness and acidity keeps it lively and enables a harmonious and pleasant taste. It is great with fruity salads and cakes, as well as strong-flavored, soft cheese. Serve at 47–50 degrees F. Learn More

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