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Deep red color. Aromas of black cherry and plum together with the discreet presence of cinnamon aromas, which at the same time softens the tannins and produces a velvety texture. The aftertaste is very intense with a strong presence of smoky flavors. It is served at and is an ideal accompaniment to red meats (veal, game), grilled meats, stews, pasta dishes with red sauces, or hard cheeses. Learn More

Brilliant, crystal clear, white-yellow color with green tints. Intense floral and fruity bouquet dominated by aromas of white rose, melon, and citrus. Well-balanced fresh wine with intense flavor and long aromatic aftertaste (orange blossom and grapefruit). Enjoyed as an appetizer wine, it also complements a variety of cuisines from Mediterranean, Pan Asian and Middle Eastern, to Nuevo Latino. Learn More

WS 90

An exceptional, round, well-balanced wine of ruby color and sweet aromas with hints of new oak, plum, and cinnamon. Its velvety taste is complemented by a subtle aromatic aftertaste. Enjoyed best next to red meat dishes with sweet vegetables and full, fat cheeses. Learn More

Light straw with green hues running around the edges. Aromas of peach, citrus and tropical fruit with notes of pineapple. Fresh tasting tropical fruit flavors balanced out by just enough acidity. Learn More

This wine has a unique aromas or tropical fruit, vanilla and flowers. It offers flavors of apricot, citrus and tropical fruit on the palate, with a ripe and rich finish. Learn More

Red dry mainly composed of the grape variety Mavrodaphne. Intense red color, upfront floral aromas followed by notes of herb and tobacco leaf. Juicy, refreshing and really elegant. Learn More

Vlahiko and Bekari grapes. The blend with the two indigenous varieties of Ioannina, Vlahiko and Bekari, creates an enviable, dry red wine with a bursting, aromatic character. Learn More

The color is brilliant, medium-deep violet with pink hues.On the nose it is vivid and intense with aromas of black cherries, and blackberries with hints of plums, violets, and dried herbs. On the palate it has medium body, moderate acidity with smooth tannins, all in harmony. The aftertaste is moderate with a note of gentle anise seed. Learn More

The color is bright white yellow, with green hues. The nose is complex with hints fresh flowers, squash blossoms and fruit aromassuch as avocado. A luxurious texture and flavors of orange and lemon blossom and touches of jasmine and mint. The acidity travels across the palate for a clean extended finish. Learn More

Deep red in color with interesting purple hints. Intense and complex aromas of wood, vanilla, ripe cherries, and black forest fruits. A rich and balanced palate of soft tannins and a long finish characterizes this wine, with a full-bodied flavor that is ready to be enjoyed now or in a few years. Learn More

Ruby color with brown hints. Fruity, spicy nose. Round, mellow texture. Very stylish and mouth-filling wine. Best enjoyed with red meat, light sauces, and yellow cheese. Learn More

A complex red with deep, attractive highlights. A distinctive bouquet arises from a balanced blend of the various fragrances with that of the oak. In the mouth, a soft fullness accompanies the rich aromatic qualities. Enjoy it with red meat dishes, grilled lamb, sausages, or ham. Learn More

A ruby-red color; an intense and rich nose redolent of black raisins; a full-bodied, rounded palate showcases the sweetness of dried raisins; the mouth is filled with marvelous Mavrodaphne notes, while the tongue receives a welcome surprise in the guise of this intensely pleasurable versatile wine. Learn More

WS 87 W&S 86 WE 85

Nikteri is best enjoyed at 52 degrees F by itself or in accompaniment to seafood, yellow cheese, or traditional Santorini delicacies (such as fava, herb pies & tomato balls). Learn More

WS 92 W&S 90

Deep ruby red color. The nose reveals aromas of red forest fruits, with hints of nuts and spices. It is full bodied in the mouth with elegant texture, intense tannins, and a long aftertaste. Learn More

Deep ruby-red color. The nose reveals aromas of red berries and fruits with hints of vanilla and nuts. It is a medium-bodied wine with elegant texture, balanced acidity, and very ripe, soft tannins. Learn More

Deep ruby-red color. The nose reveals aromas of red forest fruits, with hints of nuts and spices. It is full bodied in the mouth with elegant texture, intense tannins, and a long aftertaste. Learn More

Shiny and yellowish, make a unique statement with its varietal character, which embraces white flowers, citrus fruits aromas and intense minerality. Vivid, with full, well balanced body and distinctive long after taste. Learn More

RP 89

55% Roditis, 30% Savatiano, 15% Sauvignon Blanc. Yellow color with green tints. It is very expressive, with aromas of citrus and fresh tropical fruits. Medium-bodied with a refreshing acidity. Learn More

19 Item(s)

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